Ministry of the Environment

Our mission at St. Paul’s as a Community Garden is to fulfill our moral obligation to feed those in need with the healthiest food possible. Renew our appreciation of our planet by teaching sustainable gardening practices. Teach healthy eating habits through nutritional instruction and accessible garden beds. Provide community service and outreach opportunities to our community, especially young people. Become a bridge for the community, linking schools, businesses, the health system, and the public together in a common cause of solving problems locally.

Opportunities to serve in the Ministry of the Environment

The garden is a vibrant, active, and successful program due to the many wonderful people involved, and with the support of the church. We strive to be an open and welcoming place for people in the community to engage with the land and our church. All are welcome to visit and help us in the labors of love that create our beautiful, bountiful garden space. We look forward to a bountiful year of change, growth and new faces.  A great way to enjoy fellowship, sunshine and fresh air is by being part of our 35-bed community garden. You can rent one of the beds and grow your own vegetables for a small fee of $60, plus 20 hours of community service to maintain the garden for the season. All you need to supply is your plants and fruits of labor to our organic garden. Soil, water, gardening tools and fencing are included with your rental. The deadline to sign up with payment is April 6th. Click here to rent your garden bed.

Community Garden Coordinator: Steve Choc –  

Garden Bed Coordinator: Mona Khalil- 

Here are our upcoming work days for your calendar (weather permitting):
March 23rd and April 13th at 10 am-12pm: Garden preparation; and April 20th, April 27th and May 4th at 10 am- 1pm. 

A special program to provide natural fertilizer to our Community Garden that helps us be more sustainable and provide for healthier soil, plants and vegetables!
Coordinator: Dave Kissane –

Our beehives are located at the back of our property, where we meet weekly during the summer to “work” with the bees. While we enjoy honey, the honeybees are helping our garden produce more fruits and vegetables, as well as helping to pollinate the flowers of native plants and trees. In addition to the benefits of the honey and higher productivity of the garden, our honeybees add to the genetic diversity of colonies of honeybees that are living in the surrounding woods and fields neighboring St. Paul’s. Research suggests that is a very good thing for the environment and for wild colonies of bees. All are welcome to come and learn as we work with the bees! We also will look forward to the honey harvest. There is no experience needed to help with the bees, and we have all of the gear needed.
Coordinator: Dave Devenney –

During the second Friday’s of the Summer months we meet in the Community Garden to celebrate the Sunset. Please bring your own chair, snacks and a beverage to share if you would like. All are welcome.